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The Zero Loop Ultra Marathon

3rd Edition



“I don’t know where you are but if you are a runner I know we are destined to meet, no matter the distance between us. For when I look in your direction I see a reflection of my soul staring back at me.”

Ajay Singh Sethi

Founder IRC & Race Director Chambal Challenge

Is it for me?

“Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.”

-Christopher McDougall

Chambal Challenge: The Kumbh of Ultimate Runners

Each Ultra Marathon claims to be the toughest. And each is, in its own way. Chambal Challenge is different and probably the only Ultra Marathon in the country where the challenge is not just the distance but the rugged terrain and distinct topography. This Ultra combines road run, uphill, downhill and trail running into one long run where every few kilometers changes in the terrain and the landscape requires the best from a runner in terms of strategy as well as skill. Certainly not for those who are looking for a personal best at a given distance.

Chambal Challenge is a Zero Loop Ultra Marathon that tempts as well as tests a runner. It provides runners with an opportunity to grow from a half marathon to a 33K, from a full marathon to an ultra-marathon 50K or 63K or 84K. It dares you to ‘go beyond’, to open yourself to ‘the unknown’, knowing fully that its facing the unknown, the uncertain, the untried that defines us and brings forth powers that can transform an ordinary human being into an extraordinary one.


The Tarahumara (a tribe that lives in north western Mexico) called themselves ‘Raramuri’, means “runners on foot” or “the light footed one”. With widely dispersed settlements, these people developed a tradition of long-distance running up to 200 miles (320 km) in one session, over a period of two days through their homeland of rough canyon country, for inter-village communication, transportation, and hunting.

There are Raramuris who can still run 400+ km in a single session. Chambal Challenge gives an individual a chance to explore and get in touch with a Raramuri that exists within each one of us.

Raramuri Elite (84K)
Raramuri (63K)
Chambal Maharana (50k)
Chambal Rana (33K)
Inshape Runners Club : Our Story

“They called us insane for traversing the road less travelled. We called ourselves Insanely Inspired. It’s apparent we listened to the whispers of our heritage and karmic destiny.”

IRC was established in 1996 to promote running culture which today has become a movement with 1000’s of people running and 100’s participating and completing in national and international marathons and ultra marathons. IRC probably is the oldest not for profit running club that runs free of cost training programs for distance running. IRC host various running events throughout the year.

Our events are well conceptualized, professionally organised and have social significance. Our events capture and trigger participants imagination and create a experience that lingers on long after the event is over.



One of the best ultra running experience ! Thoroughly loved the hospitality of the organizers and special thanks to Avinash Bedi for this amazing experience ! The support on the route and after run arrangements were flawless !! Kudos to the team !!!

Sehgal Aanchal


Exceptionally well-managed event and great hospitality. It wasn’t just a running event indeed a fabulous runners festival with talks, foods, technical speeches, and live music concerts n adventure activities.

Sandeep Kumar


A fantastic Ultra Marathon which has not only been planned in an excellent manner but executed extremely professionally. Every small facet of a runner participating in the Ultra Marathon was taken care of by the organizers. The route was extremely challenging & the high point was the post run Lunch n evening Extravaganza which I have not seen anywhere else. Overall an outstanding Ultra Marathon. Strongly Recommend Col.

Col. Anjan Sengupta


l enjoyed the entire route it's like a retreat for a runner beautiful scenic view and a heart warming hospitality. Never had such fun with my team and overall running experience, knowledge sharing. Team Chambal is simply outstanding.

Hemant Singh Beniwal


It was truly an amazing event. And top class experience. Appreciate all the work put in . Dinner, expo, route everything is perfect. Thank you Avanish ji and Ajay ji for amazing event. I highly appreciate to you and your entire team. I fully enjoyed the events beginning from the Expo followed by Award ceremony & gala dinner. I'm very happy to becoming a part of your event and simultaneously hope that I"ll be participating all upcoming editions.

Deepak Chillar


Chambal challenge is not just about running, it celebrates the essence of long distance running, that too in the lap of beautiful Chambal valley with scenic views enough to take away your's an experience, all runners ought to experience at least once in their lifetime to make beautiful memories. I will forever cherish my VCC experience.

Babita Kataria


this run has so much soul! the people who organized it really take care of the runners at every stage right from registration. the trail itself is different and really challenging and beautiful. you'll see a part of Rajasthan you might not see normally. as an ultra run, it's great.

Manjigani Anand Rao


It was such an exhilarating experience at the Chambal Challenge with impeccable hospitality and a fantabulous organization of the event. The organizers moved heaven and earth to completely pamper the athletes with sumptuous food and homely stay. To add to this was the scenic course of the running course with fresh air which we definitely miss in the metropolitan cities. The running course, no matter, with howsoever many adversities was studded with natural beauty and helpers and volunteers to assist the runners as and when required. Thumbs up to the event and organizers. A highly recommended event for all the runners to have an experience of a lifetime!!!

Garima Vaid


The route was scenic and beautiful. Constantly changing landscape and the beauty of the course kept me going and challenge got the best out of me. While Chambal Challenge 2018 was a life time experience I am looking forward to better my performance in 2019.

Deepa Yadav


One of the neatest race executions I have witnessed. From registrations, to the awards gala, Chambal 2018 was a treat, with perfection perfected and keen attention to detail. Looking forward to an epic race in 2019!

Narendra Awasthi


This course helped me push my personal limits and get to the next level. Absorbing in the beauty of Chambal’s astounding wilderness and the support of an expert crew made Chambal Challenge one of the most memorable running experiences I have ever had.

MS Chauhan


A very scenic route, serene and peaceful away from the noise of the city. it's almost like meditation. The view of the cleanest river of India Chambal takes away any tiredness that one.might feel along the way. The view point at the finish makes you feel on top of the world. The support team is outstanding always ready to give you a hand. I say,if you are a runner and haven't run the Chambal Challenge then you are missing something. the route and the camaraderie I felt with co runners lingers on in my mind long after the run ends.

Nidhi Kasaliwal


Having run the Comrades Marathon this year, I can assert with confidence that Chambal Challenge is as close as it can get to having an international racing experience on home ground.

Nitin Saini


Chambal Challenge ’18 prepared me up to one of the most difficult races of my career – La Ultra 111.

Gagan Deep Meena -Looking forward to the good vibes at CC’19.

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